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Friday, March 9, 2012


The Advocates for Academic Freedom home page provides a step-by-step process for donating materials to school libraries under the PHASE I button. PHASE II and PHASE III buttons include a sample step-by-step process for addressing the school board.

Advocates for Academic Freedom membership is free because we hope that you will organize parents in your neighborhood and donate two conservative magazines and one conservative newspaper to your local school library. That will cost about $200. After donating the materials, citizens should have a conversation with school administrators and school board members about using district funds to provide those materials in future years.

The fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to return traditional American values to educational settings is to insist that conservative political ideologies become part of the current-events studies that schools typically provide weekly.

Every person and situation will be different. The processes suggested under the PHASE buttons may be modified to address your specific situation.

After donating materials to the school library, please visit that library to make sure the donated items are displayed, to notify social studies and history teachers that the resources are available for their use, and to encourage your children to request access to those materials.